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Dittoe Baptisms, St. Joseph Church, Perry Co., OH, 1818-1834
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4 Jul 1819, Catherine DITTOE, of Michael and Barbara.
28 Jan 1821, Mary Flowers, of [blank]; sponsors, Michael and Barbara Ditto
23 Apr 1821, Sarah J. Dittoe, of Michael and Barbara
15 Mar 1823, Thomas Leo, of Michael Dittoe and Barbara
Michael and Barbara's markers are at St. Joseph: Michael 1791-1858, Barbara 1790-1863. It is yet unclear what relationship Michael was to Jacob.
6 Aug 1819, Elizabeth, of Peter and Ann DITTOE; sponsors, Henry DITTOE and Mary L. Spurck
Either 5 Aug 1821, or a date between then and 3 Sep, Cecilia Dittoe, of Peter and Ann; sponsors Henry and Catherine Dittoe
29 Jan 1824, Francis Dittoe, of Peter and Ann Dittoe
4 Apr 1826, Ambrose Dittoe, of Peter and Ann; sponsor, Mrs. Spark
Peter Dittoe married Ann SPURK in 1817. Henry and Catherine are yet unknown. Note the other Dittoe-Spurck couple here at St. Joseph
29 Aug 1819, Linus A. DITTOE, of John DITTOE and Eve
7 Apr 1821, Mary C. Dittoe, of John and Eve
John Dittoe married Eve RAIL in 1810
4 May 1823, Rebecca Agnes Dittoe, b. Apr. 13, of John and Mary; sponsors Patrick MacDonnell and Sarah Dittoe **
1 Jun 1823, John Danhoer [Donahour on a second page], of Stephen and Mary; sponsors, John Dittoe and Mary Dittoe **
13 Mar 1825, John Chrisostom Keagen [Kigen on a second page], of John and Mary; sponsors John Fincke and Barbara Dittoe
1 Mar 1827, Sarah, of John Dittoe and Margaret Redman; sponsors John Redman and Frances Fink -- F. X. Marshall
27 or 29 Sep 1830, Frances Bridget Dittoe, of John and Margaret Dittoe; sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Cluney -- N. D. Young, O.P.
?? Dec 1832, Mary, of John Dittoe and Margaret Redmond; sponsors, Henry Dittoe and Bridget Redmond -- Frater Dan. Jos. O'Leary
29 Nov 1833, John, of John Kim and Mary Kim; sponsors John Dittoe and Mary Reddeman Ditoe -- T. G. VD Broek
These John and Mary's are grouped together but may represent 1, 2 or 3 couples. A closer examination is needed.
24 Oct 1824, Joseph I. Dittoe, of John Dittoe and Lucretia Wilson; sponsors Joseph Dittoe and Eleanor Grimm – F. T. Martin
7 Aug 1831, James Anthony Dittoe, of John and Lucretia Dittoe; sponsors Anthony Dittoe and Catherine Dittoe -- James V. Bullock
14 Apr 1833, Mary Ann Dittoe, of John Dittoe and Lucretia Wilson; sponsors Joseph Fink and Margaret Fink. -- Fr. D1. Josh. O'Leary
The identity of John Dittoe is yet unknown.
28 Oct 1828, Sarah Ann Dittoe, of James Dittoe and Sara Kean; sponsors John Flowers and Ann Filtuy [?]; born Sept. 27
1 Apr 1827, Michael James, of James Dittoe and Sarah Kane; sponsors John Kean and Elizabeth Dittoe -- F. X. Marshall
27 Mar 1831, Mary, of James Dittoe and Sarah Keim; sponsors Peter Anderson and Sara Mecder[mo]t
4 Feb 1833, John Louis Dittoe, of James Dittoe and Sarah Kain; sponsors Martin Bringarner and Marianne Murray -- Fr. Daniel Josh. O'Leary
between Dec. 26 and Jan. 3, Susanna McDermot, of Henry and [blank]; sponsors, James Dittoe and Sarah Kean
The identity of James Dittoe is yet unknown.
15 Nov 1830, Helen, of Anthony Dittoe and Catherine Anderson; sponsors Joseph Dittoe and Helen Krim
12 May 1832, Anna Mary Dittoe, of Anthony Dittoe and Catherine Anderson; sponsors Mathias Flowers and Ann Clark -- James V. Bullock
The identity of Anthony Dittoe is yet unknown.
16 Jul 1827, Theresa, of Joseph Hodge and Rachel Dittoe; sponsors Peter Dittoe and Sarah McFadgen -- Thomas Martin, O.P.
20 May 1832, Daniel Miles Kense, of John Kense and Elizabeth Dittoe; sponsorsMiles Cloony and Margaret Cloony -- F. D. J. O'Leary
20 Oct 1823, Leander Edward Hodges, of Joseph and Rachel; sponsors, Henry and Sarah Dittoe
15 Jan 1820, Sarah Jane, of [blank] ATKINSON; sponsors, H. DITTOE and Sarah FINK
?? Jun 1824, Elizabeth Rumbord, of George and Elizabeth; sponsors Henry Dittoe and Mary Shipton, born Feb. **
3 Jan 1826, Dominic Henry Hodges, of Joseph and Rachel; sponsors Henry Dittoe and Bridget Jourdan, born 1826 Jan. 1
12 May 1827, Juliana Frances, of John Fink and Elizabeth Walker; sponsors Henry Dittoe and Frances Fink -- Franciscus X. Marshall
23 Nov 1828, Felix Clement McDonnel, b. Nov. 10, of Felix and [blank]; sponsors Henry Dittoe and Elizabeth Dugan
21 Aug 1831, Ceremonies supplied for Mary McGravy, of John McGravy and Mary Carr; sponsors John Angles and Sarah McDermott (She previously was privately baptized by Henry Dittoe in the town of Somerset.) -- Frater D.J. O'Leary
15 Aug 1831, Patrick Curran, of Michael Curran and Mary Robinson; sponsors John Dittoe and Susanna Slevin -- Fr. D. J. O'Leary
20 Mar 1825, Mathias Buchanon, of John Buchanon and Mary Dampton; sponsors Joseph Hodge and Rachael Dittoe



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