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Dittoe found in Perry County Death Records 1867-c. 1928
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A Perry County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society Publication
(None shown as Ditto)

Date Name   Age Born at Rick's Notes
23 Apr 1869 Agnes S 20y, 3m, 23d St. Josephs  
9 May 1869 Elizabeth M 59y, 11m Mulen Creek, VA ???
16 Aug 1869 William H. S 31y, 5m, 9d Somerset, OH  
13 Oct 1870 Ellen M 23y, 9m, 26d Cork Co., IRE Very interesting. Ireland? And a recent immigrant?
17 Nov 1877 Clement S 5y Reading Twp.  
21 Nov 1877 Charles P. S 3y Reading Twp.  
12 Sep 1879 Ann C. W 81y Pennsylvania Unknown Dittoe.
7 Mar 1880 John M 90y Pennsylvania This looks like the granduncle of Francis A. (Frank), and son of Joseph DeToe, from the 1883 History Bio.
2 Apr 1880  Lucretia W 82y, 6m Maryland Possibly Lucretia Wilson, widow of John Dittoe.
22 Sep 1881  James E. S 29y, 6m Perry Co., OH  
23 May 1882  Margaret S 86y, 5m Ireland Her grave marker at St. Joseph's also shows born in Ireland. Who is she?? 
23 Sep 1882 Maria S 48y, 11m Reading Twp.  
20 Dec 1882 John H. M 69y Reading Twp. Maybe John Henry, aka Henry, Dittoe, who married a Lucy A.
29 Mar 1884  Vincent M 32y, 2m, 28d Reading Twp.  
24 Dec 1886 Albert L. M 42y Reading Twp.  
25 Jan 1892 John H. M 37y, 8m, 1d Reading Twp.  
4 Sep 1899 George M 63y, 4m, 15d Reading Twp.  
23 Nov 1900 George P. S 14d Reading Twp.  
22 May 1903 Margaret M 37y, 10m Somerset, OH  
3 Sep 1904 Rebecca W 86y, 5m Pennsylvania ???
16 Jan 1905 Caroline M 63y, 3m Ohio  
21 Jan 1905 Catherine R. S 6m, 17d Ohio  
11 Dec 1905 J. H. S 34y, 4m Reading Twp.  
18 Jan 1907 Kathrine W 67y Reading Twp.  
13 Jan 1912 Elizabeth S 83y Perry Co., OH  
5 Apr 1912 Miles Henry W 70y, 9m Perry Co., OH  
24 Jan 1913 Herman M 43y, 5m, 5d Perry Co., OH  
29 Jun 1917 Unnamed male   4 hrs Somerset, OH Record shows, under Father column, "Lew is D", Mother Bessie Ripple.
1 Jul 1918 Raymond S 23d Somerset, OH  
17 Feb 1921 Linus L. M 65y, 11m, 6d Perry Co., OH  
21 Apr 1924 Susana M 76y, 11m, 11d Reading Twp.  
22 Jan 1925 Samuel B. M 70y, 7m, 2d Perry Co., OH  
12 Sep 1925  Clement L. S 25y, 9m, 19d Perry Co., OH  
21 Oct 1925 Peter J. W 86y Somerset, OH  
28 Apr 1926 Joseph Michael S 21y, 5m, 20d Perry Co., OH  
1 Feb 1928 George W 87y, 3m Licking Co., OH Another interesting one. Need to check leads in Licking Co.
23 Feb 1931 Unnamed girl   not shown Somerset, OH Record shows Father Frank Dittoe.
20 Jul 1935 Mary E. M 77y, 3m, 3d Ohio  



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