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Dittoe in 1860 Perry Co., OH
Top Researched Families
This list is not complete; it is the ones I've found to date.
George  George, 29, Printer, OH
Martha, 25, OH
Milford, 4, OH
Herman, 2, OH 
Somerset, p. 336B
Joseph Joseph, 31, Merch. Clerk, OH
Mary A., 19, OH
Somerset, p. 339A
Jacob  Jacob, 59, Grocer, PA
Sarah, 55, IRE
Elizabeth, 23, OH
Wm., 21, OH
Margaret, 19, OH
Cecelia, 17, OH
Eugene (female), 15, OH
Frances A. (female), 11, OH
Somerset, p. 341B 
George age 18, "Apprentice", b. in OH. Living in the home of Reuben Finck and family. Somerset, p. 343A
Peter Peter, 66, Farmer, MD
Ann, 61, PA
Wm., 28, Attorney, OH
Peter, 20, OH
Ellen Benninger, 10, OH
Mary Foy, 21, OH
Reading Twp., p. 353B
Jacob A. Jacob A., 42, Farmer, OH
Catherine, 39, VA
George Litzinger, 14, OH
Rosella Dittoe, 11, OH
Ellen, 7, OH
Reading Twp., p. 360B
Linus B. Linus B., 41, M. D., OH
Elizabeth, 40, OH
Loretta M., 17, OH
Mary Ellen, 15, OH
Agnes E., 12, OH
Francis Dunn, 17, Laborer, OH
Raymond Albert Dittoe, 10, OH
Vincent Miles Dittoe, 8, OH
Dominic H., 6, OH
Emily C., 3, OH
Reading Twp., p. 360B
Edward J. Edward J., 48, Farmer, OH
Margaret, 46, OH
Thomas, 23, Farmer, OH
Mary, 22, OH
Lucy, 18, OH
Rebecca, 15, OH
James, 8, OH
Patrick, 4, OH
Tabitha Johnson, 70, SC
Reading Twp., p. 360B. Two doors from Miles Cluny.
Margaret Margaret, 50, Farmer, IRE
Elizabeth, 26, OH
Maria, 24, OH
Catherine, 22, OH
George, 21, OH
Ellen, 19, OH
Reading Twp., p. 361A
John John, 70, Farmer, PA
Lucretia, 65, MD
Sarah, 40, OH
Mary, 25, OH
James, 28, School Teacher, OH
Reading Twp., p. 362A
Barbara  Barbara Dittoe, 72, PA
Mary Overmyer, 61, PA
Caroline Taylor, 21, OH
R. J. Harkins, 47, Merchant, OH
Catherine, 41, Manager of farm, OH
Elizabeth, 17, OH
Helen, 14, OH
Mary, 12, OH
Robert, 10, OH
Michael, 8, OH 
Joseph Brehm, 18, Farm Hand, OH
Reading Twp., p. 362B, next to each other.  
Jacob B. Jacob B., 42, Farmer, OH
Rebecca, 40, PA
Helen, 18, OH
Robert, 14, OH
Martha, 12, OH
Samuel, 6, OH
Mary, 8, OH
Louisa, 4, OH
Hugh, 2, OH 
John H. John H., 46, Farmer, OH
Lucy Ann, 46, OH
Henry W. (or M.), 18, OH
Caroline, 22, OH
Mary Dittoe, 10, OH
Reading Twp., p. 371A
No Henry found in Ohio.    
No Michael found in Ohio.    
No Francis or Frank found in Ohio.    
No Anthony found in Ohio.    



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